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My Timeline

Currently – Living in Brisbane in the Campervan and putting together a Joint Venture deal and finding deals for property investors. I would not live in a house if you gave me one for free, I love the traveling on the move lifestyle at this stage in my life and it fits in well with looking for investment deals and my lifestyle. I’m an open book and carefree and have plenty of time on my hands I can come to your house or meet for a coffee anytime. Feel free to email me to organize at the time. I also approach my investing seriously and from a professional attitude. I regularly met with people at places like at a barbecue, a coffee shop, at a hotel for a dinner of tea and a drink, just some fish en chips at a corner shop and or just at a local park because i travel with my dog and two little pups so they like to go for a run in the picnic area. I also enjoy walking and talking, it’s great to double as an exercise. There is no rules or formality as to how we need to go about business, i don’t wear a tie and a uniform just as long as we can sit down and discuss things through in a sensible way and get along on the same page and work things out and build relations over time. That’s the main things that counts. All else can fall in place one thing after another!


2017 May – Selling up and Transition to Brisbane

I put a free ad in Gumtree and eventually sold the 2 bedroom country cottage for 74k to realize profits. Sold a couple of cars and everything else I could think of around home and got organized and headed off for a new life in the City of Brisbane. This left me with two properties I still owned. One being looked after via a property manager and one I was self-managing but could get an agent to take it on next once moved. The entire portfolio paid down. Just one 1c owed.

2016 July – Fact finding Mission to Brisbane

Went to Brisbane for six months to look for opportunities and decided to focus on sub division and splitter blocks and a lifestyle change.

2014 July – Fact finding Mission to Brisbane

In 2014 I was featured in this article in the My Investment Property Magazine. The editors selected me a placement for the Australian Investor of the Year Awards. It was awesome to be put in the magazine it felt really good. I actually stopped and sat back and reflected. I thought to myself that I had actually done something. The recognition changed my life a bit. Thanks, YIPM and the selection panel for your comments.  YIPM gave me the article in PDF form to share to people visiting my site so you can have a read. This article covers my background and story of everything I have focused on in real estate to try and achieve and better my life and those lives around me.  http://forpropertyinvestors.com/contact/my-story/


2010 – Purchased Third Investment Property

A 1.2-acre deceased estate advertised in the local newspaper. An old 2 bedroom weatherboard house with numerous sheds and a chook pen, trees, and a huge back yard.



2009 – Purchased Second Investment Property

A deceased estate for 52k advertised in the local newspaper. With the helping from the government, i put to use the First Home Owners Grant, available at the time and including the regional bonus of 3k. So altogether it totaled 17k. I purchased a two bedroom cottage with a white picket fence in a one horse town. The bones were good and it needed a new kitchen and plastering, insulation and flooring and a paint throughout. It was a no money down deal. I sold this property in 2017 for 74k.

2008 – Purchased First Property

A Business 1 zoned disused butchers shop was purchased for the grand total of 38k subject to council approval for a change of use and a certificate of occupancy.  I applied to owner build the unit and carried out the construction over this next 12 months. It’s still owned by me and is a rental property managed by a local real estate agent. The old video i did at the time is here to watch!

2006 – Certificate II in Building and Carpentry

Completed Certificate II in Building and Carpentry. More here.

1988 – 1992 – Chefs Apprenticeship

I completed a chefs apprenticeship but wish I’d never started. I worked in the diets, vegetable, sweets and mains kitchen cooking food for hundreds of patients in a hospital and the meals on wheel service. Smoko and lunch involved mixing with doctors and nurses and health care professionals and I lived in the nurses home for $9.90 a week (that’s very cheap board). I can cook but I will not cook in a professional environment full time. My only cooking now days is focusing on my own unique super foods diet. I would call myself my own personal health foods professional. I go to great lengths and research to find and eat healthy foods but mainly it’s a minimal and simplistic approach. For example, I make my own Coke which is actually a healthy drink… real coke of the shelve is terrible for you. It’s actually a really difficult thing in this world to find truly healthy and organic food in a world that most food outlets are trying to kill itself with various health problems and cancers. It’s always a struggle with researching what to buy and making selections especially in strange places you’ve never been when traveling and everywhere you go fast food shops and the likes are trying to get the devils’ food to sway you to their evil side. In short my solution: I mainly only eat food Dr. Axe online recommends or Dr. Gundry. I believe food is medicine and if you ate the right food you would not need medicine in 99% of cases. There was no medicine in evolution, though there were different natural food selections.

1987 – First Real Job

Tuckerbag Supermarket collection shopping trolleys out in the car parks and stocking shelves. Promoted to Dairy & Freezer case manager.


I was born and raised on a dairy farm on the volcanic rich rocky hills of the region of Western District Victoria around Mount Rouse where cold winters and lush grass grows ideally for dairy cow milk production. Just out the road of a small country town called Penshurst (not the Penshurst suburb of Sydney).