Pioneer Street Project


While living in my Campervan on sight I project managed this cabin build from end to end. An owner builder application was submitted and accepted at the Australian Building Commission, a Council Building Permit. I drew the working drawings, and elevations and submitted to council and they were accepted. To do a septic tank and realm drain plan to handle all toilet and household grey water this first an engineer had to be consulted and a septic design drawn up and approved, because there is no town sewage to the property. I found the cabin for sale on ebay. It was only 6 kilometres from the site. It was just what i was looking for at $30,000. It had all the relevant certificates issued on the cabin, electrical certificate of safety, plumbing certificate, insulation, five star energy ratings, compliance plate from the original manufacturer. As always there were delays and problems but you just work through everything until you get through to the end. That’s what a developer does. They work through problems. I submitted basic plans to the Origin Energy and they quoted to instal a 22 metre underground electricity line to the cabin from a pit installed new at the base of a existing power pole at the front of the property. This cost $2200.


There were delays and problems with the electricity company. After the cabin was finished AirBNB was new and i had just heard about it so i put it on AirBNB and it worked awesome people came and stayed for weekends and nights during the week from all over the world to my little cabin. It is still there now and currently rented to a permanent tenant as a fully furnished cabin.