Certificate II in Building and Construction (Bricklaying, Carpentry, Painting and Decorating)


This PDF below is of my completed Certificate II in Building and Construction (Bricklaying, Carpentry, Painting and Decorating) done at Shepparton Tafe. Each day i got up at 8am and got ready and attended classes, day after day, week after week for three months. At the end of the course the teacher shook my hand and issued me with a completed certificate which effectively says i attended every day and was confident and passed every module. There were not many that completed the entire course (only three) most missed and or didn't turn up to some classes and received fails and or had to re-do some modules another day in order to get there certificate.

It felt like a nice little achievement at the time we were all quiet proud of ourselves for building the projects that kids would enjoy. Each Cubby Hut was sold to a family home to put in there yard for the kids to play in. Our Tafe class were divided into three smaller groups of four. We had to learn to communicate and work in together and make plans and allocate tasks etc, each group built and constructed a cubby hut. At the end of the course there were three completed cubby huts to lock up stage, painted a wood varnish and looking very smart and professional, and ready to get delivered to our clients. We had pre-sales done like hotcakes well before we even put a hand on a hammer. Each kids cubby houses was a little different in design and all built to Australian building code standards. I will put a photo when i dig one up.

Three Pages PDF Certificate II Building and Construction

Certificate II in Building and Construction


Putting what was Learned into Action 

After completing the course i meandered further down south to see mum. I talked a lot about my dreams to buy real estate to mum. Mum could tell i was committed and very eager. Mums want there children to be around and safe and secure and stable. One day Mum seen an add in the newspaper that this building was for sale. And it was just down the road! Only a block away and a short walking distance it was going to be a good fit and perfect. We rang the agent up and organised to met for an inspection and walked down the street. It was quiet a big moment. I remember a huge amount of fear going through my mind at the thought of buying a first real estate deal. We gave the agent an offer that evening and accepted a counter offer of $38,000 with a clause inserted in the contract by my solicitor subject to council approving a change of use of the building to a unit that one could live in.

After completing the certificate II in Building and Construction it was only a matter of months and i got a chance to apply this knowledge i learned in the course after i was finally able to purchase my very first real deal. After buying an old building that was once a butchers shop and converting it to a little cosy unit. I got my hammer and a hand saw out and began building a unit.

It was only a double brick very high ceiling building with walls, a small outback toilet, a rear access lane way driveway with room for two parking, a small rear yard and the front was right on the street front as a shop walk in of the street area. There was nothing more to it. The rear fence was nearly fallen down and the weeds were growing high in the back yard. All the butcher shop stuff had been taken out of the building years earlier it was just an empty building with some nice new churchy black looking carpet with a bit of red pattern through it. The empty space had been used for various business start ups and organisations. One a little computer shop and when i bought it was being used by a local church as an education room or for meetings or something.

This was my first real deal as read in the Your Investment Property Magazine Investor of The Year Segment 2014. I was given a placement of fourth.

This is the design i drew up myself on some free software program of how i wanted to build the unit.

Building and Construction Butchers Shop Conversion to a Unit

The proposed plan drawn up to convert this old disused butchers shop to a unit.



The completed butchers shop conversion video all inspected and signed off by Council and issued with a certificate of Occupancy

 A walkthrough video of the completed butchers shop conversion to a unit. After the building was constructed and all finished the neighbour had been talking to me previously of friends they knew who were keen to rent the newly finished place. They were my very first tenants at $150 per week and a $600 for weeks in advance bond.