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September 26, 2022

The ACF Options page feature provides a set of functions to add extra admin pages to which you can add custom fields. Learn how to translate the custom fields added to your Options page using WPML.

If you’re looking for information about translating custom fields created with ACF, see our documentation about Translating Sites Built with ACF.

Before getting started, make sure to install and activate the ACF, WPML core, WPML String Translation, and Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual plugins.

To create an ACF options page custom field group and translate its fields, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Custom Field Group for the desired options page.
Creating the Options Page Custom Field Group
  1. Add the custom fields of your choice and set the custom field(s) Translation preferences to Translate.
Setting the translation preference to Translate
  1. Scroll down to the Settings section and set the Location Rules to match the options page. In our case, the Options Page is equal to Theme Header Settings. Once done, click on the Save Changes button.
  1. Navigate to your options page and add a value to the default language custom field. Then, click the Update button.
Adding a value to the custom field in the default language
  1. Use the language switcher in the top admin bar to switch to the language you want to translate your field text into.
Using the language switcher to change the language
  1. Fill in the translated text and click the Update button.
Adding the translated text and updating the page

Setting the Translation Preferences of the ACF Options Page Custom Fields to Copy

If you set the translation preferences of the custom fields on your Options page to Copy, you will need to manually save this setting on your secondary language page(s). This is expected behavior. 

To do this:

  1. From your dashboard, go to Options and use the language switcher in the top admin bar to switch to a secondary language. 
  2. Click on the Update button in the Publish tab.

Repeat the steps above for your remaining secondary languages.

Updating the Copy translation preference for an Option Field in the secondary language