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Why choose Avanti?
1. Ultra-fast service (offer within the hour, rapid turnaround time)
2. Top quality (3x ISO certified, watertight QA processes)
3. Competitive charges (incl. 70% discount on repetitions)
Avanti: 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ask for a free test translation!


Commit Global provides translation and localization in 80+ language combinations. As an ISO-certified company, it applies strict QA procedures in its everyday work. Its key strengths include experienced personnel, responsiveness and flexibility, competitive prices and commitment to high quality.

Multilingual translation and desktop publishing solutions that make multilingual documentation easier. Global reach, all languages, all formats. State-of-the-art software and qualified, bilingual translators carry out large projects in very short timeframes.

AlfaBeta is an Italian language services consultancy specializing in international communication, mainly in the food, wine, tourism, fashion industries. It provides web translation & copywriting, multilingual SEO/SEM & social media marketing services.


BLEND is a global localization service provider brought by the makers of OneHourTranslation. As an end-to-end AI-powered multi-market enabler, BLEND is empowering global brands to establish a native presence in fundamentally different markets, worldwide.


Okodia is a human-translation company certified by ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certificates working with 80+ languages around the world. Its 1500+ specialized professional native linguists translate over 10+ million words yearly in almost all fields.

AbroadLink is an ISO 13485 (medical devices), ISO 9001 (project management) and ISO 17100 (translation services) certified company offering localization, translation and desktop publishing to multinational corporations and SMB’s into 90+ languages.


Your partner for multilingual translation – fast, cost-efficient and reliable, with particular expertise in Spanish and Portuguese, including European and variants (Mexican, Chilean, Peruvian, Argentinian and Colombian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, etc.)

AD VERBUM is a northern European translation and localization company working in 90+ target languages. It specializes in various fields including pharmacy, healthcare and legal for small to medium-size businesses.

K&J Translations is currently active on markets in Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechia and ex-Yugoslavian countries. It is known for its fast, quality translation services for businesses and effective communication during whole translation proces



  1. 与WPML紧密集成 - 您可以直接从WPML的翻译面板发送内容,并接收完整翻译到您的网站中。
  2. 翻译记忆 - 无论是翻译新内容,还是更新现有内容,您将只需对每份文本的翻译一次性付款。
  3. 质量控制 - 在您收到完整翻译前,该服务将运行內部检查,以确保翻译精准无误。
  4. 便捷注册 - 我们列出数项可应对各种规模项目的服务。 您不必成为大公司就能获得此处列出的服务关注。


无论您选择哪种服务,您的内容都会得到优质翻译。 我们推荐您选择最便于您工作的服务。 翻译您的网站意味着与人合作。 译者需要了解您的网站、用户和市场。 然后他们才能交付优质工作。

您应该选择适合您的时区并易于您与之交流说明需求的翻译服务。 当然,不同翻译服务提供不同的套件组合,定价也有所不同。