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WPML is the plugin that makes your site run multilingual. It’s a critical function of your site. As is the case for WordPress itself, all plugins must always stay up-to-date to make sure that your site runs smoothly and is fast and secure.

A regular WPML account costs $99, with a yearly renewal payment of $74. If a developer has already built your site and used WPML, you can take charge of the renewal payments for only $39 per year.

In this way, renewals for your site don’t depend on anything. You can rest assured knowing that a major and critical part of your site is always updated and secure. You also have direct access to WPML support in case you need our help.

For more information on why it’s critical to keep renewing your account, read what happens if you don’t renew your WPML account.

How to Assume Ownership of WPML Renewals

Your website developer can send you an invitation email to start paying for WPML renewals for your site.

An example of an email from your developer inviting you to take ownership of WPML on your site

Click on the payment link and you’ll reach our checkout page.

The WPML checkout page

Once you’ve set up payment, you will get access to You don’t have to do much there, as WPML is already set up on your site. From now on and for as long as your renewals go through, you will get automatic updates to WPML on your site.

Didn’t Receive An Invitation Email Or Lost Contact With Your Site’s Developer?

You can also take ownership of your account renewal directly from your WordPress admin. Please note that you can only do this if your developer’s WPML license has expired. Otherwise, you will need to buy your own WPML license at the regular price.

First, you need to have WPML 4.3.7 or later running on your site. To check which version you’re using, log into your WordPress site and click Plugins in the main menu.

An outdated version of the WPML plugin listed on the Plugins page

Look for WPML Multilingual CMS. If the version is lower than 4.3.7, you need to do the following steps to get this version.

Go to the PluginsAdd new page and click the Commercial tab. Click on the Revalidate subscription button.

A button to revalidate your WPML subscription

Your account will now be valid for the next two days. Now, you can update WPML to the latest version by going back to the Commercial tab on the PluginsAdd new page. There, select all of the WPML plugins that need to be updated. Once the update is done you will see the following message.

A notice about using an expired WPML account

Now, you can create a new account on, which will give you discounted renewals for your site. After refreshing your page, the Commercial tab will look like this:

The Commercial tab after registering WPML