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Getting started
  • After purchasing a WPML account, you should receive an email with your account information. Sometimes, you might not be able to find it in your main inbox. This page offers…
  • يشتمل WPML على نظام التحديث والتثبيت التلقائي الخاص به. بعد تثبيتك لملحق WPML الأساسي مرة واحدة، يمكنك تثبيت مكوناته تلقائيًا وتلقي الترقيات مباشرة عبر مدير WordPress. قبل التثبيت، تأكد من…
  • If you are not receiving WPML updates automatically, you need to update manually. As part of this manual update, you can register WPML and receive automated updates to future versions….
  • By default, you should use the stable and fully tested versions of WPML. However, in some cases, you may want to test versions that have not yet been officially released….
  • We offer you a complimentary download of Toolset Types right from your account’s download page. You can use this plugin on sites with or without WPML. If you have WPML…
  • Your registration site key is unique to the site’s domain. If you are frequently moving the database between production, development, and staging, you can avoid re-entering the site key by…
  • يقدم لك WPML محرر الترجمة المتقدم، والذي يأتي مصحوبًا بخاصية الترجمة الآلية المدمجة.
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