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ご質問がありますか?何か分かりませんか?  ここにコメントを残して頂ければお答えします。

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  1. One more question.

    What if WordPress has got a major update and the old WPML with the subscription expired must be updated for the compatibility with new WordPress? Should l subscribe again?

    • Hello Matsuo,
      Unfortunately this is not the case for this kind of accounts, it is only for new licenses.

  2. Hi,

    I’m already a wpml user. I have a question about translating contents if a membership site is already working.
    My thinking is that we need to translate contents at the live site because of keeping the latest user database. Is our understanding correct?


    • Hello Ken,
      yes, you can use WPML on your live site too. However, it is good to test how WPML works on a test site first. If you decide to test WPML an a development site please keep in mind that automatically translating your whole website will use your translation credits. So please assign only some credits to your test site and not use them for testing. Of course, you can also translate your site manually.

  3. Thank you for your reply.
    Can I ask you more details to make our concerns resolution?

    – Is it possible to keep the user data of the eLearning service up-to-date while automatically reflecting the translation data from the Staging site on the Live site?

    – If this is not possible, do we have to do the translation work on the Live site while running the service?

    • I don’t know what are your reasons to do the translation work on a staging site instead of your live site. Could you please clarify that? We don’t have a way to automatically reflect data from the staging site on a live site. But there are different ways of translating data using machine translation (instead of using the “Translate everything” mode) and maybe I could recommend you something. But I need to understand your reasons why you want to use translation on staging first.

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your replying.

    Our service is an eLearning service. In eLearning site, errors will not be allowed at working on the live site. If a fatal error occurs on the live site, we will roll back the live site from backup, but this will cause the following

    – Existing user data will be rolled back and the learning record will be rolled back.
    – Newly registered user data from the time of the backup to the time the error occurred will be lost. (Course purchasers are also included.)

    So, basically we do any works on the staging site before changing the live site.That’s the reason why we use the staging site for translation.

    Our site has over 300 pages. Therefore, we would like to identify ways to reduce the enormous workload in advance before actually working.

    • Thank you for the details and for explaining your reasons why you’d rather use the test site. This help a lot. In this case, I would recommend you the following:
      1. Start using WPML on your staging site first and don’t install it on your live site until you are fully happy with the translation workflow and you have it tested on your test environment.
      2. When following the WPML wizard (on your test site) and registering your WPML site please:
      a) assign only a small amount of translation credits (say 200 or 500)
      b) choose Translate Some (instead of Translate Everything)
      3. Go to your pages and click on the plus icon to translate one page. When it opens in the translation editor you can click on a button to use machine translation or you can manually translate it.
      4. Please do this for a few pages until you make sure this is what you need and you are happy with the results.
      After that you can try translating more than one page automatically. To do so:
      a) Go to the Translation Management
      b) Select the pages you want to translate (you can choose several pages at once)
      c) Click Translate selected content
      d) Go to Automatic Translation tab
      e) Click the Refresh icon on the right to make sure you can see all your pages on that screen
      f) Select the pages again and click Translate automatically
      All these selected pages should be automatically translated.
      If you are happy with all this, then you can do the same on your production site.
      At the end you can even go to WPML settings and turn on the “Translate Everyting” mode for good.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for the very detailed explanation. We will try the steps you have given us as soon as possible.
    I appreciate your great support.

    • You are welcome. Please note that as soon as you buy WPML, you can use our support forum to ask further questions. We even provide some special hidden fields for you to share access to your site and our supporters can see your site directly.

  6. 日本語のワードプレスサイトを、英語に簡単に切り替えてみたりできるのでしょうか。

    • こんにちは、
      はい、あなたのサイトを日本語から英語に翻訳できます。はい、日本語をサイトのメイン言語に、英語を第二言語にできます。 サイトを日本語と英語の 2 つの言語で表示する場合は、WPML が必要です。 日本語を英語に置き換えるだけなら、WPML は必要ありませんが、Loco Translate プラグインが必要です。

  7. 有料版を試す前にまず無料版があれば試してみたいのですが、無料版の詳細を教えて下さい。




    • WPML に関心をお寄せいただきありがとうございます。
      1. WPML には「すべてを翻訳する」オプションがありますが、手動で翻訳する必要がある部分が常にあります。 たとえば、使用するプラグインに応じて、フッター、いくつかの電子メール、およびその他のものがあります。
      2. はい、手動で WPML に翻訳できます。また、自動翻訳を更新することもできます。
      3. 無料トライアルはありません。 デモ サイトをセットアップできますが、私のサイトでプラグインを使用することはできません。 興味のある方はお知らせください。
      4. サポートされている言語:


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