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Sites that you register as development sites show a banner on the site’s admin and front-end. You can easily remove this banner by changing your site key from development to production.

Registering Development Sites

When you register your site with WPML, you can designate it as a development or a production site. All development sites show a This site is registered on as a development site notice in the footer. When you’re ready to move to production, you can remove the notice by changing your development site key to a production site key. To do this, follow our guide to registering development sites.

Generating a New Site Key and Re-Registering WPML

In some cases, you may continue seeing this notice after changing to a production site key. If this happens, you will need to generate a new site key and re-register WPML. This will not cause you to lose any of your translations.

To do this:

1. Go to your list of registered sites page on and delete the key generated for your site.
2. Log in to your site’s admin and go to Plugins → Add New and click the Commercial tab. Click on Unregister WPML from this site.

Unregister WPML from the site

3. Once the page refreshes, click on Register WPML. You’ll see a message asking you to enter the site key. Click on Get a key for this site.
4. This opens a new window with your WPML account page. In the Type section, register your site as a Production site. Then, go through the rest of the steps to generate a new site key.

Register the site as a production site to generate a new site key

5. Copy the new site key and return to the Commercial tab on your website. Insert the key into the Site key field and press the Register button.