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If you run a site such as an established blog, a content-heavy site or an e-commerce store you might have a lot of taxonomy terms to translate – far too many to translate one by one. Luckily, there’s a simple way to translate all taxonomy terms at once.

If you have enabled Translate Everything mode, you don’t have to worry about translating your taxonomies. All taxonomy terms that are assigned to a post, page, or custom post type are automatically translated with the rest of your site’s content.

If you don’t want to translate everything on your site, but you still have a lot of taxonomy terms to translate, you can use this workaround:

  1. Start by creating all your taxonomies in the site’s default language.
Creating taxonomy terms in the default language
  1. Create a temporary page or post, depending on what post type uses the taxonomy you want to translate. You won’t publish this temporary page, so you can leave the main content empty.
  2. Assign all the taxonomy terms you want to translate to this temporary post.
Assigning all taxonomy terms to a temporary post
  1. Go to the WPML Translation Management page, select the post you just created, and add it to the Translation Basket.
  2. Finally, go to the Translation Basket tab, select the translator, and send the basket for translation.
Sending the temporary post for translation

When you or your translators receive this job, you will see all the taxonomy terms as fields to translate.

After the translation is done, you can delete your temporary post.