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When you contact the WPML support team, you may be asked to provide debug information. This information allows our support team to help you in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Debug information shows us some general info about your site’s setup. This includes:

  • Server configuration
  • Version of WordPress
  • Installed versions of your plugins and theme

None of this information is private and does not include any data that may be used to compromise your site. Additionally, the debug information you provide is only visible to the support person working on your case.

Getting Your Site’s Debug Information

Please note that the debug information in WPML has been available since WPML 3.1.7. If you are using an earlier version, you should update WPML and all its components.

1. Log in to your site and go to WPML → Support.
2. Click on the debug information link at the bottom of the Support section of the page.

Click on the debug information link

3. On the Debug information page, select all the content in the text box area and copy it.

Select and copy the debug information

Sharing Debug Information

Once you have copied your site’s debug information, you can share it with the WPML Support team:

  • In a ticket on the support forum
  • In the support chat

Sharing Debug Information via the Support Forum

Start by letting the supporter assigned to your ticket know that you can provide the debug information so they can enable the option for you to share it.

Once this happens, you’ll see a WPML debug info section towards the bottom of your ticket. Paste the debug information into the text box. In the Reply section, type in any additional information you would like to provide the supporter with and then click on the Submit button.

Paste the debug info and Submit your reply

Sharing Debug Information via the Support Chat

To share your debug information via support chat:

1. Click on the Add debug info button right above the Message text box.

Click the Add Debug Info button

2. You’ll be taken to the Additional data section and the Debug info tab will expand. Paste the debug information into the text area box and click Send Debug Info.

Paste and send the debug information

3. Return to the top of the page to continue messaging with the supporter assigned to your chat.

How the Support Team Sees Your Debug Information

The supporter working on your case sees the information that you provided in a clear, readable way.

How the supporter sees debug information

The debug information provided is divided into sections about the server type, WordPress, plugins, and theme. It includes all version numbers, so you and the support team don’t need to spend additional time clarifying all this technical information.

Giving us this debug info saves both your and the WPML Support team’s time. It also allows us to give you more accurate support. Thank you for providing it!