Original Daniel Cameron quotes and other favourites. When I say original I mean phrases that I have never seen around that I make up. I got sick of hearing the word “can’t” whenever I discussed ideas to friends or anyone really. I took each letter from the word CAN’T and gave them my own take on what it means as an abbreviation. When you tell me you can’t do something I hear you saying to me that you “Could and Never Tried” or “Could and Not Trying” or “Can And Never Tried”. The moment someone has used the ‘can’t’ word they have already talked themselves out of it.

CAN'T = "Can And Never Tried"



"Follow your dream and you can make it somehow." A Daniel Cameron Quote



"Success is had by few, that's why there is so much of it to grab!" - Daniel Cameron

“Success is had by few, that’s why there is so much of it to grab!” – Daniel Cameron





The positives.

“Finding the positives in anything will get you everything” – Daniel Cameron

“If you’re hoarding money in a bank like an old chicken with eggs. Being chicken don’t make much return. Don’t fear to invest in something such as real estate. Calculated risks will always grow to eventual greater return if repeated. ” – Daniel Cameron