One peace of paper

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This is an ‘Occupancy Permit’ council issued that says i can “legally” live in this cabin.

Many interesting guests coming to stay from all parts of the world.


More photo’s here.

Jobs done mate!

Come stay and say G’day. You’ll have a self contained cosy cabin all to yourself or fields in complete tranquil privacy in a rural setting and country feel.

Email to Blog Members!

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I bet you forgot you were signed up to and NO, i have got nothing to sell you!

Hi it’s Daniel Cameron here, i run, i built the site from the ground up, i know it can be improved on but anyhow i hope you are getting some kind of satisfaction out of it. English and grammar is not my best subject so forgive me. I created at least five new playlists recently though and added around 40 new video for you to watch you don’t need english skills to watch videos so they suit me well. One playlist and brand new page is about Tiny Houses, i find it a fascinating and awesome movement that’s unfolding in recent times. Basically a Tiny House is built on a trailer and parked in your backyard. It’s simple living and brilliant. Finding these vids is easy after clicking here.

Which brings me to this which is similar in subject matter! I just came across something i thought worthy of letting you know about as property investors and or you may just be home owners, it doesn’t really matter who you are but you might like to share it with your friends, as it could help them too. Plus, i just wanted to send out an email using my blog software to my registered users for something to do. I wander after pressing this send button that it reaches the 2030 people that it tells me is signed up to the blog software?

I’m a big fan of change and innovation and things must constantly change and so does our perspectives. Have you ever been through the unnecessary complexity of hurdles you have to jump just to build a simple dwelling? I did it recently with a granny flat and a nightmare is a tame description. I do not particularly enjoy this process and i know damn well how much easier it could be. I often say that common sense is not that common at Council Offices.

I just signed this petition at that aims to change these council laws to make things easier for property investors or anyone alike that wants to build a small second dwelling in your backyard, but the notes in the page explains it better then i could so here it is below copy & pasted below with the link that takes you away to sign it. The main reason i sent you this email is to tell you about this as i think it worthy of you to know and get behind:

SIGN USING THIS LINK>>>> Clicking this takes you to the petition for signing!

START>>> ” Victoria has a housing crisis – our median house price is $649,000 and our median rent is $360 per week. We have 22,000 homeless people and 35,000 people on the public housing waiting list. Older people do not have enough options to downsize within their communities and kids can’t afford to leave home. Our average new house is 241m2 – the largest in the world and yet our household sizes are shrinking. We are just not building enough small affordable homes in our middle suburbs because our planning rules make this type of development expensive and complicated. We need to change our rules for granny flats to match NSW, WA and ACT. In those States it is possible to build a small secondary permanent dwelling behind an existing home which can be used by dependents or rented out to unrelated parties – all without planning approval or requirements to subdivide. This helps to provide a diversity of accommodation in the suburbs where there is already infrastructure and services. It allows for relatively inexpensive small dwellings to be built which deliver affordable rental property to an increasingly unaffordable market. Its a smart, easy change to our rules that will support affordable housing choices. ” <<< END SIGN USING THIS LINK>>>> Clicking this takes you to the petition for signing!

Apart from that what have i been up to? Well an article went in Your Investment Property Magazine the other month about how i started property investing after being inspired by and seeing this strange guy on TV a long time ago with (not bald hair than). But i started from homeless and living in a Van with a LapTop and bugger all money to my name in fact i did not have a red cent, because that was stolen out of my car at the time i decided to take this journey on. I’l leave you think who it was (the bald guy) but the article was about how i was selected as a placement of property investor of the year 2014. I did not win it but i came a place out of the whole of Australia in that year. You can read the full article here since the mag released it a month after the real mag was printed in a free distributable digital version. I will upload the PDF document they have given me one day!

Also other things i have been doing is finding Facebook an amazing tool! To give one insight the other morning when i woke up i opened the LapTop and there in my status was Mark Zuckerberg posting giving a questions and answers session and right in front of my eyes pops a question from Richard Branson to Mark about what the biggest benefits were going to be by connecting the 2/3 of the world that does not have Internet? It’s really a brilliant thing to be able to search for anyone’s name on Facebook and simply click ‘like’ on there profile to get updating insights direct to you each day.

Interactions like this make the internet an amazing place to be with the insights you gain reading the perspectives that other people have and share, i’ve found Richard Branson’s constant posts and blog insights into his life and way of thinking brilliant we are living in a time where this is an amazing thing to do. I’d like to know of other entrepreneurs that you have in your Facebook if you would like to reply to me i really like highly innovative people that like taking risk that other are scared to take and making changes in innovating and brave ways!

I have a page going on for property investors where i post small insights about whats going on in my humble part of the world too, if you’d like to join that to get updates all you do is click like once at the page, easy. Though this is mainly about my humble investments.

Well, i’m off to do some more reading…. cheers and lets sign this petition to try make things easier to add a small rental building at the back of our properties, it will generate more income for property investors and help our housing affordability and housing shortages not to mention homelessness.

Daniel Cameron aka #Jaffasoft

My Story is in YIPM Magazine

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Insert surprised expression. Oh gosh! A few months ago during the depths of winter something flashed across Facebook to enter investor of the year competition. I keyed in a few quick words and thought nothing more of it.

It turned out i was selected for a place. So here i am to tell you that you could read my story in the Feb 2015 addition of the Your Investment Property Magazine (YIPM) OUT NOW.

Most people will not find it much use on a larger good incomes of 30k plus or and have a second income (wife or partner). You will find it inspirational if you are trying to get started on a low income and don’t know how. I started with $14,131c income per annum on my own on a Disability Pension in Australia. Which earns me the title of “If i can do it anyone surely can”. No other income, no catches just pure blood sweat & tears.

My story tells about my struggles getting started and ambitions to buy real estate to a better life and how i want to get off the dole using real estate as the vehicle.

I also explain how the strategy i was taught to buy positive cash-flow properties in regional towns in Vic i found to be misleading and fundamentally flawed and unsustainable. And what strategy i have decided to do that will make much more money for not only me but yourself. If you want to know you can message me on Facebook or email me or whatever way you like and i could even mentor you.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook and or message me with any questions? Here’s my profile:

Jaffasoft (Daniel Cameron).
“It’s not how $$MUCH$$ you get it’s what you do with it.” ~ Daniel Cameron
“Imagination and reality is two very different things. Dreamers that don’t take action will not experience success.” ~ Daniel Cameron

My Magazine Article

My Magazine Article

Jaffasoft (Daniel Cameron). creator.

Veranda & Carport

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To go over the newly built deck and as part of the council approved planning approval, over the last couple of days we got veranda posts concreted in and treated pine carport frame installed.

What i liked most about this other then finally getting this project close to finished is the simple little clothes line idea we installed. I imagined at first that it would need to be a new one for $300 and concrete it in somewhere outside. But two off cut boards and a few drill holes and a 30 mtr $20 roll of clothes line cord from the hardware store and it’s good and practical. It will shelter out of the rain and get a breeze through to dry clothes “not a worry, perfect”.

Photo on 20-12-2014 at 8.40 pm

Deck Building

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deckThis is a development site where a 1BR unit is being built.

Got the decking boards on just yesterday. Here is the quick before & after shots of just the raw timber before it’s got any stain put on. We went with a treated pine timber and will add a stain to give it a Merbau look. To cover the 10 x 3 meter area cost around $1,000 including all the nails, timber plus a days labour to the trades person $55 per hour. It would cost two times this much and more for genuine Merbau. This will look close to being the same.

Any questions about building the deck feel free to ask below in the comments.

Before & After Toilet

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Before & After

Before & After

A bit of paint to tidy the area up and this bathroom was good enough on a minimal budget.

This was in a 2BR Cottage in a small country town of population of about 90, which had the interior fully re-plastered and the flooring done and painting throughout. I was running out of renovation dollars and near the end of the reno so i just painted the bathroom with some paint i had left. I figured i can always do it better next time round!

Sometimes you just need to think, “what can i do with what i have got”. I had some floor stain and some reddish coloured powder that is normally put into cement to change the colour of pathways. The effect didn’t come up to bad. Well, it was good enough in the circumstances.

I’ve set a Goal to buy house No. 4

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I set a goal a couple of weeks ago and because i have been getting cloudy with my finances. I’ve written the goal on paper large and put it one my wall where i can see it and this also justifies other people that may be thinking I’m not spending on stuff in general life activities, they know that I’m saving and making a sacrifice, doing without to buy a home.

The goal says save 18,000 buy November this year to buy a home. It will home number four and or investment property number four really.

It’s achievable but it does mean i have to knuckle down and shrimp and go internally into all my accounts and put in some more fine tuning to save where ever possible, every cent counts. I have been to the bank to put some changes in on the Interest rate i get i will visit Westpac to update that account and see if i can get more Interest there.

It’s going to be back to living off $5.85 a week on food and petrol as my only spending though i have many bill that associate with owning properties. Personally i only want to be spending on food and petrol. Now that i have fresh chock eggs from the free range chocks on my property this help a lot to food costs and as i mentioned about and made a video of a recent ebike i invested in. I want to get a Vegetable Garden in soon too but that will take a while to get established and fully growing. My Ebike has done nearly 1000 kilometers so saved that much in fuel costs and been 100% good for the Earth. Once it does 5000 kilometers it will have paid for itself.

I’ve done things like set up direct debits to automatically pay all the Council Rate bills steadily each fortnight per annum and the same for the Water. I made a savings of a few hundred dollar by talking to the Water place since i found out i can sign tenants over to be responsible for paying there water usable.

A direct debit that automatically goes into my savings account has been set up and the best Interest Rate i can find going on that. My home phone line is getting disconnected because Telstra is the most disgusting company on the planet as far as i am concerned. But because i value the Internet as a great Investment i am going to Wireless and making a sacrifice to cut back on speed in order to saves up to $1000 a year. Instead of a regular $140 or so a month bill it will be $9.95.

Another bill I’m paying down is my traveling traffic fines where when i was traveling on the road around Australia i went through tolls in all Capital Cities. I am setting up a direct debit to pay them instead of via a garnish order and that saves heaps. Interestingly one i got stable and in familiar territory for an extended period of time i received a letter from the government thanking me for not loosing one single demerit point in three years. I put that letter in a frame. Did you not loose any demerit point in an entire three years. I put that letter in a frame and placed in on my wall.

This is just a few of the internal measures i make to refine my budget internally. I find if you regularly go in internally and fine tune your finances and spending you have always teak something more to save more money in various places. It’s something you have to keep monitoring and be proactive at or the universe will try and take it the other way.

Savings Goal

Turn Your Lights Out Tonight 26 March at 8.30PM for Earth Hour!

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How does this find you? I can’t imagine a comment. Ha.

My message is a short & sweet one! I send this as a prompt and a gently nudge – reminder to take care of your earth and in combining with over 120 countries tonight turn your lights out at 8.30pm Australian time, Saturday, 26th March.

“TURN YOUR LIGHTS OUT TONIGHT AT 8.30pm” to help our planet. It’s called Earth Hour if you have not been aware of it.

I have been putting in much effort recently to band behind the movement to improve the Earth. As someone planing and taking actual action in the Property Development arena and my own home where i live. I have been spending many hrs and late at night researching and watching YouTubes. I’ve been purchasing 100% Green LED lights, riding an Ebike and using lots of recycled materials.

I’ve invested a bit over $5000 in various things and currently on a project to build a 100% fully Eco Friendly living environment that my tenants will live in. Soon I’m going to build a custom electric vehicle for a shopping trolley and day to day run arounds.

I have two LED lights that i use for all my lighting in a shed where i live that runs off two 12Volt batteries that will last the year through. This is 100% green and good for the environment and costs sweet little. And buying homemade solar panel equipment and all sorts of wild and wonderful things.

I made Hydrogen the other day and plan to run my car off of it as well as some copper soldering for home made solar hot water.

Of course the motivation is two, it saves you money, actually three it saves your tenants money to so they can pay you rent and it’s a 100% purely good feeling of riding a electrical bike you know does not harm the environment and or cost you bugger all the run. 15c for 45 kilometers.

Maybe tell your kid’s about turning the lights out it’s at a time when they are most probably still up at 8.30pm. Send a message to your Facebook status and put it on the wing of a twitter comment.