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Joint venture with Daniel Cameron in a Splitter Block Brisbane

Honest, trustworthy and integrity is NO 1. With scores on the board and experience in the REAL world real estate trenches! – Grow your wealth with a joint venture with Daniel Cameron. Here’s a link to my real estate story getting started from more then humbled beginnings!

A property investors best friend. When my little Jack Russel had her first litter of pups (all 6 of them). I made the decision that they were coming with me on this slow trip up the Australian inland and coast to Brisbane over three months. Little did I know to the extent of an amazing adventure that would unfold. We walked mountains and trails like a pack of wild wolfs. You would not believe the hundreds, thousands of people I met while raising these little buggers and the fun loving little things as we grew and bonded along the way. My best-kept secret! Every person I talked to knows someone with a house and or maybe a house for sale. Met Joesy pictured left and Burnie right. These guys have been to property investor meetups and everything. I love these little buggers.

Surveying a three lot sub division. I’ve picked up on some great skills surveying land from a great teacher about the specifics of land lots to determine whether or not the sewage and storm water levels can work on any given site. Retaining wall design etc. Knowing this stuff can make or break a deal. It’s key and vitally important. Get this wrong and your investment profit goes down the sewage pipe. This deal is a “real deal” in the making. I am entering as a “White Knight” (money partner/project managers assistant/ site supervisor) on this project. Feel free to meet me in person if you want to invest in other projects and have them professionally managed on the ground.

Comfy Bed Campervan Home Away from Home Brisbane Australia

Comfy Bed Campervan Home Away from Home Brisbane Australia

Campervan Decked Out

Over 12 months i did a lot of the fit out of this Campervan myself but i also sort professional help with a few things beyond my skill set. This is the office.

Campervan Kitchen

This is my camp set up when we have the great outdoors and a bit of space to relax. We meaning me and my little Jack Russell Terrier.

That’s my home away from home and office. Now for what I’m doing with real estate, particularly sub division and or splitter blocks and builds as below.

Find a joint venture splitter block partner in Brisbane Australia

This is a splitter block. In simple terms. We might both decide to purchase a common old house block in a good street and area that stacks with the numbers after all the research is done and sub divide and sell the two newly created lots seperate to realise a profit. Sometime the house might be old enough and suitable to be bowled over (knocked down).

What do you need to get the ball rolling?

To cut to the chase the below two lines cover it! If you need the nitty gritty details read on further down into this page and or call me up or email. 0458080219

In short:

1). Minimum 400k borrowing capacity and serviceability.

2). What do I bring? A passionate experienced and trained Property Researcher on the ground skilled in, finding and managing the project through to completion.

3). Want to not worry about the process and be a silent partner.

The details of what you need, to be involved as an investor

You have the ability to borrow 500-600k and a good income for serviceability of the loan but you are time poor and need a team you can trust to project manage it all for you. So you can forget about things knowing that it’s being taken care of in a professional way with integrity with someone that will get the job done. I have done three joint venture projects and familiar and capable at what goes on. Leave it to me to make most the decisions do you ask a doctor to make decisions for you? No, it’s like going to a doctor you go there because the doctor knows there stuff from studying years. Of course, i will run them by you and consult a some of the big decisions.

But know that you can go to the beach, have a barbecue or go on holidays and be kept informed how things are going at any point along the way. You want someone that is honest, trustworthy and that has integrity. This is more important that you will believe, we are dealing with a lot of money here and it is a big undertaking. Integrity in number 1). and NUMBER 1 above all else! I don’t mind saying it… I’ve been around the block a few times and there is some shonky shady people out there. There is also one hell of a lot of dreamers. You must work with someone with integrity no matter what, it makes all the difference and it’s worth the wait for that one in a hundred people it might even be one in a thousand. And for someone that knows what they are doing in this strategy is even rarer. I can tell you I am as honest as the day is long. My father used to strap me as a kid if we did anything out of line. Make contact with me to start building a relationship, have a conversation and meet in person to chat about the options and opportunities. If you want more of a hands on buddy-on-the-ground role in a joint venture then I explain more in the below paragraphs so you can learn yourself as we go along. But you will need to be the right person.

Joint Venture in a Splitter Block Deal Brisbane

Hi I am Daniel,

I want to buddy-up over the long term with someone interested in looking for and a joint venture in “splitter block” deals in Brisbane. Selecting two or three target suburbs with suitable land lots to become an area specialist in.

I own three properties in the country and been privately managing tenants, leaving each one rented, after renovating, over the last eight years. update: I recently sold one of them properties to realize profits and fund my trip. I’m looking to relocate and spend my full time & focus on a new strategy of small developments in Brisbane. From there I did a six-month fact finding mission last year and I like the area and the opportunities in Brisbane and the coastal lifestyle. I have done two DA’s in Vic via Council owner building two units so know a bit about the process. Update: I have now relocated and looking for deal in earnest. I drove 2600 kilometers to Brisbane. That walking the talk! Take note because very few walk the talk in this industry.

I’m just an ordinary Aussie bloke passionate about the development strategy and focused on changing and bettering my life. I got fourth place in an Australian Investment Magazine Award in 2014 because I got started in real estate from a difficult position on a low income. My situation is still difficult at times but the future is getting brighter. It’s not that easy living on the road. But i find putting myself out of my comfort zone is where I grow and learn. The entries were about 26,000 from across Australia. Please mention it in your email to me so I can send you the article.

So how much of our hard earned cash and savings do we need to make a deal

We would need around 120k each and you the ability to get a mortgage on a 450k-550k house, 20% deposit on about 809 square meters of land (but could vary) but with two existing lots. I can save 28k on Council subdivision fees by finding the right block. Profit of -20k at worst to 200k at very best would be 50/50 shared and we would look into a Joint Venture agreement to be drawn up with a solicitor. The likely profit 50-80k so 25-40k EACH in 2-6months.

We would also need to sit down with an accountant to sort out what entity to purchase in for tax. A mortgage broker to sort out the best finance structure. I have contacts to seasoned professionals for this who are also successful property investors with integrity.

How are we going to minimise risk

While there are many exit strategies to apply to a “splitter block” my focus is on selling off the two blocks of land to realise profit and look to put that back into the next project. It’s possible in some instances and may be better in order to make a deal work to build and new house and or two new houses on the two newly created lots. This can help with reselling the finished lots.

Risk is minimised with research and experience and having plan A). B). C). and D).

It takes time to find a deal and network with agents , etc., allow 3-9 months. There is an art to putting the deal together and this is what I like doing! This is just a web site add but when I find a deal I will provide you a professional feasibility study of the numbers including research done, comparison sales in the direct neighbourhood , etc. Everything is open to discuss and out on the table. Everything is very detailed in the report.

A short example of the feasibility of the numbers:
Disclaimer: You are not to take this as financial advice. You should seek your own financial and investments advice with a solicitor and an accountant and or a qualified financial adviser. These below numbers are examples only of how the numbers are calculated in a quick easy to see manner.

Now that that’s out of the way:

The Numbers

Cash Out

500k — buy house

25k — closing costs

70k — split titles, demolish house, connect services etc (includes contingency 20k)

20k — holding costs etc

Total = 615

Cash In:

360k — land lot 1 sold

360k — land lot 2 sold

Total = 720k

720 – 615 = 105k profit.

(95/615)x100 = 17% return 6 months

$52,500 profit each before tax.

Cash on Cash Return 55%, so you’d get 27.5% CoCR.

If you have your money in the bank these days they offer about 2% Cash on Cash Return. Joint venture increases those poor returns by a long shot..

Note: That there can be deals around that come into a higher price range of say 1M which can actually be better. I have put a low entry price as a common starter price range.

What exactly is the right fit?

While I am looking for an investment partner to be on the ground actively involved in the deal process (even just in your spare time) I would consider a time poor partner or silent partner that wants to just invest funds, but preferably with an experienced person already doing “splitter blocks”. A silent partner where I will be doing all the work project managing the project on the ground will attract a project management fee to factor into the feasibility of est 20k (this includes finding the deal) as an expense in the numbers before the 50/50 profit split.

My main motivation to put this ad in is to mix and be motivated by a like minded investor who is on the same page and passionate about investing and share the journey, inspiring each other. I am enrolled in a mentoring program specifically for this splitter block and or small subdivisions in Brisbane and have access to mentors and very experienced people so also there is that support along the way to run the deal by these professionals. Integrity is very important.

Here’s to the journey! Email is best for a bit of chatter and we’ll see where it leads us. Or if calling please email me a time: evenings are better.

Daniel Cameron

Some Random Images of Splitter Blocks
Joint Venture Splitter Block Partner Wanted Brisbane Australia

Joint Venture Splitter Block Partner Wanted Brisbane Australia

Splitter Block JV Partner Wanted Brisbane

Location of a deal could be anywhere within a 20 kilometre radius of the Brisbane CBD. But specifically we want to look at specific areas in select streets with specific locations and carefully consider the right project for that particular location. Every deal is different.

I want to talk to Daniel Cameron in person what should I do next?

Great idea. I don’t do business with anyone unless I have met and built a relationship with people over a long time. I’m not in the business of just rushing into such a large and important real estate deal with someone I don’t know. This is like a marriage and it takes time and commitment from the right person.

What to do?
1). Hit the register via Facebook link below. I like to see that you have registered to this site and I like to put a face to your name. Facebook is THE best way to connect I do an enormous amount of it and the benefits are enormous. Need I say more.
2). Send an email to touch base.

You will also get updates once you register.
Please register to FPI via this Facebook link first, I like to see who I’m dealing with.

Just get in touch to discuss joint venture via email:

Or if you would like to make a call or for me to make a house visit to you please text me on 0458080219 and or call. Just bear in mind I could be driving. So texting to arrange a time is often the best way.

Daniel Cameron